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What a Difference a Stage Makes

The Neighbor's House has been doing loads of staging over the past many months. People are moving in and moving out and movin’ on up as the song goes.

And while we are — and always will be — a full-service interior design firm, I gotta admit — this staging gig is pretty fantastic. Why? Well, I’ll tell you.

There are no toddlers to rub hands and feet and noses and other body parts on the furniture. There are no loveable senior dogs who confuse inside carpet with outside grass. There are no husbands who claim ‘no opinion’ on something as simple as grout color but CLEARLY have opinions on grout color.

There are zero family heirlooms to ‘incorporate.’ There are zero sofas that were ‘very expensive’ and are ‘still in great shape’ and there are no painters, electricians, drywallers, plumbers, installers, or tilers that I am forced to call multiple times nicely asking (begging, pleading, bribing) to [fill-in-the-blank] show up with tools, stop swearing at each other, clean up the Big Gulp cups and to PLEASE for the love of all things holy come back from the lunch they left for at 11:22AM.

Staging is just all the good stuff of design. It’s picking out pretty furniture and putting it WHEREVER I WANT. It’s white couches and expensive rugs and pretty artwork and lovely dishes and green glass bottles of Pellegrino.

It’s my own version of playing dress-up and make believe. And sometimes, after all those daily phone calls, I feel like I kind of deserve make believe.

Our latest staging job is this super posh modern property in the Highlands - listed by the equally posh Julian Kirschenbaum and Natalie Hengel of 8z Real Estate. Take a peek. I am off to make some more calls to subcontractors before I head to a very important meeting about grout.

Main Space | Before

Main Space | After

Study | Before

Study | After

Living Space | Before

Living Space | After

Living Space | After

Outdoor Space | Before

Outdoor Space | After

Outdoor Space | After

If you want to see more of this pretty property, click here. If you like this blog please share it and visit us on Instagram and Facebook - see you next time at The Neighbor’s House!


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