Design isn't scary. Shopping for bathing suits is scary. Snakes are scary. Design is way better than shopping for bathing suits or dealing with snakes. 


The Neighbor's House starts with a short but productive 30-minute meeting to talk through the challenges and end-goals of your home or workplace. We then create a custom proposal that integrates all aspects specific to your project.

What makes working with The Neighbor's House easy? Sharing your wants and dreams and then allowing us to make them happen. When we source and order and install and put the finishing touches on your space, we are quick and efficient because we have done this a bunch of times.  

Our service options include:

Full Design |

Ready for change? Our full design service is meant to be an inclusive experience, allowing us to work in tandem to reinvent and re-imagine your space. From the big picture to the small details, The Neighbor’s House will create a custom plan that includes a full-color inspiration board, sourcing, hiring, purchasing, implementation and installation. 

The Neighbor's House passes on designer discounts at this level of partnership.

investment - dependent on scope of work

Staging |

Selling your home? The Neighbor’s House can get your house market-ready because well-staged homes sell quick - and quick is good. 

approximate investment - dependent on size and scope of the space

Mini-Consult |

Just need a little help? The Neighbor's House can provide you with ideas and options that combine your tastes and design trends. And then, you get to spread your wings and leave the nest. If you’re the “I got this” type, this is a perfect option for you.

per room - includes one 30-minute on-site or virtual meeting, a full-color inspiration board with 2-3 options per item, links for purchasing needs and one 15-minute follow-up consult to answer questions and aide in final decisions.

approximate investment - $350

(Good) Grief |

The death of my father was, in a word, rough. As his oldest daughter, I was responsible for everything, including planning his funeral, selling his car, and delving into everything including his personal items, clothing, papers, furnishings, photographs and treasured trinkets. I then had to renovate, stage, and list his property for sale. This endeavor took a toll physically and emotionally because I was – uh – VERY sad. If I could wave a magic wand, I would make the process easier for those who have lost someone important or are tasked with moving a loved one to an assisted living facility. And while I don’t have a wand (yet) I do believe that I was challenged with that hurdle for a reason – I am supposed to help others who are in the same tough spot. If you are facing similar challenges or would like to gift these services to a friend who is facing this challenge, we can help.

pricing based on scope of work


Investment |

Each project is unique, and we intend to treat it that way from start to finish. Know that we will discuss all the details of your project – including an honest conversation about costs and budgets. We do offer discounts to teachers and care-givers because we think those jobs are super hard.

standard hourly fees - $150|hr

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