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I grew up near the beach in Florida and went to college in the fabulous but full-of-debauchery New Orleans and then met a boy and moved to Denver at the age of 19 because I was sure I knew exactly what I was doing. My parents were not thrilled. 

But I worked ridiculously hard as an event planner, handling weddings and fundraisers and corporate events and cocktail parties of the not-always-rich and the kind-of-famous. And I met a new boy and married him and my parents were thrilled. 

While doing so, I had four children in five years. I just couldn’t get enough of decorating those cute baby rooms so…you know.

After designing numerous events for a living and numerous homes as a favor to friends, I launched my own design firm. I named my business The Neighbor's House because sometimes things really do seem better at the neighbor's house. Growing up, our neighbors had a pool and Oreos and they were allowed to watch Dynasty on television even though it came on at 9PM and we were only 9 years-old. I mean, Dynasty AND Oreos? Come on. 

Everyone deserves a happy place to live and work and eat and sleep.  That’s why God created wallpaper and good sheets. But having a great space doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Really. Beautiful taste and lots of cash do not always go hand in hand. Google 'Britney Spears' if you don't believe me. 

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