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This Room is Going Places

Sometimes design scares people… it’s too much work or it’s too much of an investment or they think they are ‘doing it wrong.’

You're not doing it wrong. I can prove it.

This boy's room is the perfect example of how a few changes make a big difference. We didn’t even repaint! There is NO new furniture in this space. It’s all accessories and decor (and a handful of bad words when trying to get that *#$^% map to hang straight). We found amazing bedding, framed some vintage art, did a little DIY project, loaded in cute décor and ta-da – a fresh new room for a hip and happening little guy.

If you are desperate for a refresh, go for it. A couple of small changes, a few hours of work and a one-man pep talk is really all it takes.


Our client took this pic while her son was sleeping - that's the level of dedication we like.


Have you heard of Beddys? This all-in-one bedding zips up! No more excuses for an unmade bed. The 'W' came from Hobby Lobby which nearly killed me because WOW there is alot of stuff in there but I went in anyway. The flag garland and smaller pillows are from Etsy and we found the throws at HomeGoods. The leather pillows, my new favorite find, came from Lamps Plus. Who knew?



These vintage prints once hung in my own little boy's room. I considered adding a small plaque that states 'Art on loan due to a generous donation by The Blackford Family' but it felt a little braggy.

We custom-sized this map to fit on a cabinet door that was doomed for the landfill. After printing the map on sticky paper, we affixed it to the cabinet, added eye hooks to the ceiling and the door frame, swore a bunch of times and here you have it.

Design doesn't always mean taking down walls and breaking the bank. Sometimes a little bit is just enough.

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