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How to Make Your Master Bath Your BFF

This master bathroom started out as a bully - big and bulky and unfriendly. But I knew, deep down, this beast of a bath had some really good qualities. So I plastered on a smile, peeled away the ugly layers and gave this space a chance to shine. Now we are practically BFFs; we sit together at lunch and pass notes about boys and share nail polish.


Yes, that's carpet. Yes, it's blue. And yes, that thing at the top of the wall is called a border and yes, it's scary.

Take a look at the hollywood lights, the tile countertop that catches every piece of stray makeup, the oddly small sinks, the teeny tiny door that leads to the shower and toilet.

And the stuff. So. Much. Stuff.

What's behind the door? This tiny shower that appears to have been built for a leprechaun.

So we knocked down walls, painted, added a new floor, tub, lighting, vanity, decor, windows and closets.

And by 'we' I mean Antonio. Because, no.


I know, I know.

We removed that tiny door and created this giant shower.

Big enough for two full-sized humans or a gaggle of leprechauns. (I don't judge.)

My client created this artwork herself!

It blocks off the view of the toilet from the shower but allows the light from the windows.

I was impressed as I can't even bake brownies. From a box.

Hello, pretty.

If your bathroom is being a bully, remember that a little TLC and a lot of patience goes a long way. So be nice - your new BFF may be standing there, right before your eyes, ready to be transformed.

See you next time at The Neighbor's House!

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