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the top twelve best modern dining chairs and why we may never sit down ever again

know that saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” or, “Stephanie Blackford needs a room at the mental hospital?”


Drew Allman of Board & Bolt made me The Most Stunning Table I’ve Ever Seen and I still wake up every morning and dash to the dining room to make sure it’s real and not just a sick dream. It’s not.

I wasn’t going to show you The Table until I had The Perfect Chairs around it but I am currently lying under The Table drinking my own tears because we are out of gin and because The Table is so beautiful there are simply no chairs that do it justice. And I have tried.

The first step in recovery is admitting I have a problem.

I have a problem.

Please. Help me. My children’s nutrition and my family’s holidays and my last shred of sanity depends on it.

I ordered these amazing chairs from The Mine with my go-to personal concierge Kathy who continues to act like she loves me but probably not. And who could blame her?

The chairs arrived, I asked the kids to unbox them, we put them around The Table. They didn’t totally fit under The Table. But, ok, I thought. Maybe ok.

Finally, we planned the perfect dinner and sat down in The Awesome Chairs around The Stunning Table. And then I looked at Andy Blackford, miserable. CC rocking back and forth on the chrome legs. Georgia sliding out the bottom because the chairs were too bulky for her to scoot away from the table to go to the kitchen to get a better glass (always something for that child, for real).

Not okay. Take a look:

And…the chairs have to go back. Unfortunately the boxes are currently a fort in the basement but we are working that piece out (God bless you Kathy @ The Mine for understanding the importance of box forts in the basement).

So – my fabulous friends and clients – what do you think? I’ve edited my 637 favorites down to the twelve best modern dining chairs. Please vote on our forever chairs and like and share this so others can vote too because I really can’t imagine my father-in-law eating Thanksgiving dinner standing up.

Use the comment section or my Facebook page with your top picks or add your recommendations on what I should pack for my stay in the psych ward. I’m thinking those grippy socks and non-sharp crayons but, as always, open to suggestions.

I will just sit stand here and wait. See you next time at The Neighbor’s House.!

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