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Want a free fully furnished house on the water? Same.

I SWEAR I meant to remind you all to enter to win the HGTV Dream Home but (that would have lessened my chances of winning) I was very busy being a very important interior designer working with very important clients.


Today is the last day. Odds of you winning (are pretty low compared to mine) depend on how many entries received and you’ve got until midnight. Plenty of time.

This year’s home is located in Newport, Rhode Island - which I hear is beautiful. The backyard area is stunning and the outdoor kitchen looks like the perfect place (for Andy Blackford) to grill steaks (while I drink icy gin and tonics on the deck).

There are some things (I am going to change) that could be changed - like the red walls. But the kitchen pendants are fabulous and the RV will be perfect for (our equally smart, sweet, messy) kids and their friends.

Where the gin and tonics take place.

The library where I will pretend to read Hemingway but really read Elle Decor.

The kitchen where my children will leave their empty wrappers and dirty cups.

The family room that needs new paint.

(sorry HGTV, I know you are an entire network worth millions and I am a small boutique firm here in Denver but just saying...)

The cute table where I will set up my iPad and watch HGTV because I feel kinda bad about the paint comment earlier.

The lower deck which includes four stools which is ironic because

WE have FOUR children. Didn't that work out well?

The desk where I will pretend to write more unnecessary blogs but

really just page through Elle Decor.

An extra bedroom for those friends who play their cards right - or the ones who play some sort of old-timey racquet sport. Either.

The view from the boat I hope to win once I find a boat-giving-away contest. Will keep you posted on that so you can (enter on the last day) enter too!

I have to admit - I've been entering this contest for years. I mentally pick out what we are going to wear when we have to be on camera to receive the keys. One year I even bought little matching Polo shirts for my then baby boys. Those tiny shirts had these darling mini seahorses on them and would have been PERFECT for the marketing material. I mean, those boys were pretty dang cute when they were little. When we got the sad news that we had been robbed of our win I ended up shoving their doughy baby bodies into those shirts for church where I only put a dollar in the basket because the shirts were a little pricey and I was a little miffed. We went out for donuts afterwards because if I wasn't going to be on camera I wasn't going to starve myself. I'm not stupid.

Want to see more of the HGTV home? Check out this video.

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Want to check out our updated site? Take a peek here.

Want to send me donuts? Please don't... I need to get ready for my close-up.

See you next time at The Neighbor’s House!

All HGTV photos are by Robert Peterson, Rustic White


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