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Thanksgiving Table Settings and Other Very Important Information About Entertaining

The thought of spending all day in the kitchen 'tinkering with recipes' and 'trying out new flavors' is not my thing. l am tasked EVERY DAY with keeping these children alive so I do, in fact, spend the bulk of my life in the kitchen, but it's not by choice. I think it's like a law or something.

It's really Andy Blackford who loves to spend time in the kitchen, thank God, because he certainly doesn't love to spend time in the laundry room and is a complete failure at not snoring and dealing directly with anything remotely uncomfortable including a handful of family members and all vomit situations.

Want to know what I love? Entertaining. Entertaining is way different. Entertaining is fun. Planning for a party unlike, say, baking, um, anything, requires no measuring and, hence, no math. Prepping for guests is all about decor and candles and cocktails and the smell of Windex and the shine of lipgloss. It's about Stevie Wonder on the speakers and a disappearing act from your children because "why should I have to vacuum my room if they aren't even my own friends and they aren't even going upstairs." See? That's fun!

We will be entertaining just ourselves this Thursday. We are cooking for Thanksgiving and it will be the six of us. Just like every other day since March. But who is counting? Counting is just more math, which we've already discussed.

Lots of famous and not famous people talk a lot about the food at Thanksgiving but I want to talk about the table. The table is so much more important. Because that's where the food goes.

I find my inspiration in a variety of places. Mostly I sit at the counter while Andy is cooking and I look at design magazines and drink red wine. This is because I am a good and committed designer doing important research. And because I am a good and committed wife talking to my husband. I'm basically the whole package.

I've collected my fair share of inspiration photos. I am posting some of them here because you can easily copy these or tweak them a bit. Or you can print them out on paper and use them as disposable placemats and tell your kids "this is what our Thanksgiving table could have looked like if you had vacuumed your room like I asked."

Note: Of COURSE these are not my own personal photos; these belong to people out there who can do math and get their kids to vacuum.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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See you next time at The Neighbor’s House!


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