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Before&After: All That Glitters is Old

There are so many benefits to being an interior design (self-named) MOGUL - the money, the fame, the private plane. But the I mean, heavy is the head that wears the crown, ya know what I'm sayin'?

It's hard to source furnishings for other people and not buy something that we also so DESPERATELY need. This week (so far):

  • four candles

  • a chambray hand towel with a where-have-you-been-all-my-life leather strap so it stays on the hook instead of landing in the trash can

  • $540 in new framing for artwork that I don't even totally love but was headed to the framers anyway so...

  • about one million dollars in landscaping

  • six new (stunning) chairs that I am hoping Andy Blackford doesn't notice

  • 24 bottles of mini champagnes that were just so darling and looked so small and lost there on the shelf that I felt sorry for them so I told them I would take them home and love them like my very own because I am a good and caring person with a heart of gold

  • and then one more candle that was a three pack but it still counts as only one thing

Imagine what it feels like to get these diamonds in the rough properties all primped and polished and looking like the belle of the ball and then - POOF - someone swoops in and scurries away with our pretend new house? It takes a lot of discipline not make offers on these houses but I haven't made one offer an any of the houses staged by The Neighbor's House and it's not just because I don't udnerstand what escrow means.That's maybe one reason, but not the only.

Our latest stage is my favorite. I know I say that about all of them but this time I mean it. This 1889 Denver gem is officially on the market and we love everything about it: the clawfoot tub, the original pine floors, the sweet little backyard and the fact that there's not one old granola bar wrapper anywhere.

We kept the staging simple and bright and the seller was kind enough to temporarily leave some of their artwork - which is way prettier than empty granola bar wrappers. Ask anyone.

Here are some before and afters because who doesn't love a before and after?


This space, with access to the yard, can be used in a variety of ways.

We staged it as an office because someone needs to pay the bills at our pretend new house.



Formal dining is a rarity these days; creating one good-looking space for meals makes sense considering snacks happen on the sofa* (*see above - granola bar wrappers).


We added a mirror in the dining room to reflect light and give teenagers something to look at (themselves) because eye contact is 'so sus'* (*sus is a shortened version of the word suspect. I just learned this.

Let's use it in a sentence:

I sus you shoved some wrappers in the sofa.).


The fireplace, beams and fixture already made this sunny spot dreamy -

we added a bit of furniture and accessories and ta da.


This is where future 'sus' peeps can store the granola bar wrappers.


The primary bedroom is large and offers loads of light and we love the coziness of the bed tucked under the roofline. Wall mounted sconces save space.


Art and bedding dress up the space; linen panels hide a closet, add softness and absorb sound.


We actually don't have a photo of the before because a child was actually napping - or eating granola bars - when we toured the space. We recommend skylights all.the.time. to clients and they oftentimes balk thinking it's too expensive but they make such a difference. Skylights are next on the list for my own house and will be a nice complement to the seven candles, dining chairs, bedding and champagnes from this week, don't you think?

And the outside of this house - like a fairy tale!

There's much more to see but we've got to get moving on that skylight plan so check out the listing here.

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See you next time at The Neighbor's House!


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