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Before & After: Furniture Facelift and Wallpaper Woes

I began quarantining on March 10, 2020, after an eye surgery that was more invasive than I realized. Mostly because I didn’t ask the doctor one single question about what the recovery would be like. Now I know: pretty bad.

Well, needless to say surgery was significant and recovery wasn't pleasant and once I got my act together Covid had taken center stage and suddenly we were in lockdown.

Once I could see again I focused on what really mattered: the time with my children, the ability to finally slow down and savor life, the opportunity to read and recharge.

Just kidding. I made a two-page, tiny-fonted checklist of all the things I wanted to do in my house. When I brought it up to Andy Blackford he did that thing where he pretends he can't hear me.

I won't bore you with all the many, many, MANY things I furiously typed up while peering through my wonky, swollen eyes and ignoring my four children who were basically on quasi-summer break while we waited for our school district to pass out computers. Let me just say this, my list is FANTASTIC. Nobody else thinks it’s fantastic but it so totally is.

I’ve touched up paint and we built garden boxes and added piles and piles of mulch to the yard. I've cleaned out every refrigerator we own. Wiped down every drawer. Reorganized every cabinet. I've switched out winter clothes for summer clothes, sanded and sealed a table, planted flowers and trees. We redid the boys' room and CC's room. We got rid of the play set and four dead trees. We drank. A lot.

I am going to show you all these pretty projects someday but the update to our old tv stand and the wallpaper on the backside of our kitchen peninsula are two of my favorites.


I bought this piece ten years ago at Goodwill. I can't remember what color it was but we painted it eggplant and it has housed our tv and games and puzzles and toys for years. I recently replaced it with a new console but couldn't seem to let this one go? I like the doors so much for some reason. So, as usual, I waited for Andy to leave and then made James help me move it to the front hall. It didn't work. So then I made James move it to the dining room and even though I thought it was too tight I asked Andy to paint it and, you guys, he DID! I ordered new lucite legs and bought these handles and look at it now!


Then, as I was reorganizing the already organized laundry room I found a roll of peel and stick wallpaper. Andy and I almost got a divorce during our first attempt at peel and stick wallpaper so I knew we couldn’t survive another round. So. I again waited until he was gone and made Caroline and Henry help me. Caroline was game (of course) but Henry was all kinds of annoyed (of course). But look at the result! I love it - mostly because I have zero patience for stuff like this, but I tried my very best and I didn’t get frustrated and I didn’t cry or swear ONE time!


Here’s the space all together. I am happy to have a little more storage in the dining room and I am happy about the bar wall and I am happy eye surgery was successful so I can actually see it all.

If you are going to attempt the wallpaper project, you need an extra set of hands. Probably not your husband’s. And if you are going to use the new buffet to hide marshmallows, don’t leave the door open ​because then the dog finds it and then the kids know your hiding spot and then you have all kinds of problems.

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