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Cutest House on The Block is Now the Newest House on the Market

Andy and I recently embarked on an investment property endeavor. With four children and two time-consuming careers, we obviously had a lot of extra time on our hands. And a lot of extra money just lying about. Additionally, we thought it would be fun to add loads of stress to our already chaotic lives and the lives of our children and we were gung-ho on testing the strength and depth of both our marriage and our credit line.

And while many of you have seen in person the first official project of B6Fix Productions, the before and after photos are here. If you were not able to join us for our Happy House, Happy Hour earlier this month, pour some mid-grade wine into a disposable cup, surround yourself with 100 people all talking at the same time – add 30-35 kids running throughout - and you’ve basically got the vibe.

I was driving the girls to school when we spotted this run-down ranch. It wasn’t technically on the market but had a Coming Soon sign and we took a look; we, um, navigated our way through the space and realized that buried beneath the stuff and the rough, we would find a diamond. We made an offer and jumped in headfirst. (Which – for the record – is not the safest and smartest way to jump. So there's that.)

But – we did it. In 58(!) days we gutted the entire main floor and most of the basement. We added new everything - floors, windows, fresh drywall and paint, gleaming appliances, lighting and trim. We tore down walls and created a giant, functional, gorgeous kitchen. We demolished an ugly fireplace and built a pretty one. We cut down trees, ripped up carpet and hauled out hundreds of pounds of trash. We gave the kids – and their friends and my sister and Andy’s parents - sledgehammers and safety goggles and pizza and questionable tap water. We listened to an ongoing stream of classic Motown, which is basically the only choice for renovation. We had 16 fights and 800 drinks and 2 dead car batteries and 1 trip to the ER.

Now, right in time for the holidays, this little lump of coal has turned into quite the gem.

Exterior before

exterior after

fireplace before

fireplace after

Entryway Before

entryway after

kitchen before

kitchen after

Study Before

study after

master before

master after

Second bedroom before

second bedroom after

master bath before

master bath after

Hall Bath Before

hall bath after

Living Space before

living space after

Mudroom before

Art House Wood was kind enough to donate the amazing art in the main room. Please check out his site here! Love!

Virtuance's Michael Scott is responsible for the bulk of the after photos (spoiler alert - I took the before shots) and the property 6644 South Franklin Street is listed by Ann Meadows of RE/MAX of Cherry Creek (303)478-1201

See you next time at The Neighbor's House!

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