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see how this little box of crazy turned into one big love

Annie and Don are my favorite kind of clients.

They found themselves in a big, fancy-ish house that didn't feel at all like a home. And they wanted a home, not just a house. And I love those kind of people.

So they gathered up their three little boys and their very large dog and bought a house in a great neighborhood; the kind of neighborhood where kids ride bikes until dark and people pop in for coffee and the Fourth of July is sacred. That neighborhood.

The house they bought had home potential written all over it. But it was an original build from the 60s and the rooms were too tiny for those three little boys who, I promise you, will get bigger. And fast.

The lack of storage, the choppy layout, and the clunky kitchen made everything feel tight. Add in a few dozen sippy cups and a husband that works from home and suddenly this six (!) bedroom home felt like a little box of crazy.

So we said goodbye to the entire main floor; gutted the kitchen, knocked down walls, ripped up tile and tossed all the furniture. We kept the kids, the dog, a few pieces of art, the dining table and almost all the sippy cups.

Then we made it pretty and functional and light and bright by refinishing floors and installing a support beam to, you know, hold up the house. We brought in a huge sectional and new window coverings and rugs and pillows and decor and an obscene amount of candles.

We built cabinets and sourced energy efficient appliances. We painted the walls a soft gray and the doors a rich black. Side note: for those of you with children or spouses or pets or spaghetti sauce, black doors are your friend. Maybe your best friend.

We gave the fireplace a facelift and added loads of light. We framed artwork produced by those adorable little boys and then we framed photos of those same adorable little boys and we did it all within a set budget and a tight timeline and a toddler's afternoon naps (jealous). It was a blast. Take a peek:

Family Room Before

Family Room After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Dining Space Before

Dining Space After

Entryway Before

Entryway After

Now Don and Annie have a house that feels like home. And there's no place like home. Just ask this girl:

See you next time at The Neighbor's House!

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