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Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig | One Couple Bought The Same House Twice - Here's What It Loo

Amy and Sean bought this house, moved away, moved back and bought this same house again.


They bought the SAME. EXACT. HOUSE.

I love them for this because obviously true love doesn't die and when Amy noticed 'her' house was on the market she suggested (insisted) they buy the house (again) and move to Denver (again).

And while some things do stay the same - like Amy and Sean's address - some things change.

The living room was green, housed some oversized, well-loved furniture and didn't make sense in terms of flow and function. This house, built in 1956 and located in the hot Lynwood/Virginia Village, is one of the funkiest spaces I've had the pleasure to work. And Amy and Sean are fearless when it comes to design. You won't find them paging through a Pottery Barn catalogue or oohing over pieces at Arhaus - they gravitate to interesting art and vintage finds. Here's proof:

This living room didn't do them or their personalities justice. Here's what it looked like:

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

This space has loads of windows but still felt dark. We played with the layout by flipping the tv to the opposite wall, added new lighting, stripped and restained the wood beams, sourced new, pet-friendly furniture, doused the walls with fresh paint and highlighted their quirky accessories and conversation-worthy art. Here's what it looks like now:

Living room Today

Now the room feels cozy and chic; I have been a guest in this living room an embarrassing amount of time so ...I know.

Both Amy and Sean work from home (God bless them - Andy Blackford would be in jail) so workspace was a priority. Amy's space was too small for her big ideas. We found some fantastic wood at The Eclectic Hive's warehouse sale and Sean created an oversized desk that is ideal for work, an overflow buffet spot, or an in-home DIY surgery.

Office Before

More paint, more furniture, more art, more light and here's what the space looks like now:

Amy's Office today

Sean's office had, um, a bit of a change too. I wasn't involved in this transformation simply because Sean's sort of a baby about people touching his stuff.

Sean's Office Today

(we think - nobody is allowed in)

The dining space got a huge facelift and is my favorite space in the house. Take a look:

Dining Room Before

Everything in this dining room disappeared...forever. Board & Bolt made these fantastic floating shelves and Progressive Painting Solutions not only painted the whole house and did those *&$ beams, but they also installed the amazing brick wall.

We found the perfect concrete dining table, new lighting, banquette seating, drapery and more. This is the choice spot for Thanksgiving (hint, hint), a birthday party for someone born on September 29th (hint, hint), a Tuesday night (hint, hint).

Dining room Today

The little bar with a big job got a facelift too. I don't have a before shot because it was a closet. Who needs a closet when you can have champagne?

Bar today

This project is a reminder not to go out and just buy loads of stuff to fill up a room. Look around your home, dig through your drawers, display things you love. Surround yourself with interesting art, beautiful colors, bright light, great friends and (sometimes) good dogs.

See you next time at The Neighbor's House!

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