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the pajama lounge - it's a real thing

Have you heard about Pajama Lounges? Apparently they are old news in Italy. Italy gets all the good stuff...pasta and the Pope and shoes. Not in that order, of course. Shoes obviously come first.

Anyway, in my opinion most rooms should be pajama rooms. Because, pajamas. Here's what house beautiful has to say:

See how I circled it for you? You're welcome.

The rule in our house is nobody besides us upstairs; and we don't even have a pajama lounge. Yet. But I have always felt that the upper levels of homes are personal and private spaces. I made this rule when my children were small and after one little guy walked in on me while I was stepping out of the shower. Poor boy. He's blind now.

But carving out a spot for family to rest and reconnect and read sounds lovely. If you have the space, and the pajamas, you might consider. An underused guest room seems ideal. Plus, less guests. Plus, more Netflix.

Here are a few looks to inspire you to force your children to share a bedroom, ask your guests to pack up and leave or tell you work-from-home spouse to find a coffee shop with good WiFi.

cozy cottage by Jenna Sue

cozy living room

Also, are these the cutest pajamas ever? I've used Katie Kime before for wall decor but good morning to this!

So whether you are in Italy or Little Italy, take your lounging and pajamaing to a new level. By adding a pajama lounge to your home you really never ever have to feel guilty about doing nothing

Let's sleep on it.

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