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call me yoko ono

Imagine there’s no heaven no earth or sky below.... sang John and his wife walked in and stood by the piano and listened. It was as though he couldn’t stop singing it. He knew it was a hit and being a practical guy knew it was to be sung and played by everybody when it was published in a few weeks’ time. Its revealing that I only took one shot of each picture in this sequence because the moments seemed to contain themselves. Both John and Yoko knew it was special too. To all those antique-lovers out there let me start by saying I'm sorry.

I hated my living room; which I feel badly about because the living room has been nothing but nice to me. Never a nasty mood or an off-color joke or obnoxious drunken behavior. But the living room was looking sort of old and tired and it was starting to grate on my nerves. I was ready to say goodbye; which is why I should never work for hospice. So, I started pulling the space apart and buying furniture and moving art and it was not my best project because I had to keep stopping and starting to take care of my children and find some loose change in the (ugly) couch cushions to pay for this unplanned endeavor.

Anyway, I am going to show you photos of the whole space very soon. But for now, let's just talk about the FABULOUS piano that used to be a sad boring brown blob and is now white and shiny and pretty. I mean love is not a big enough word. Juan R. - painter extraordinaire (Not his full name for fear you will try to steal him from me and then I will break your arm. I swear it.) took on the challenge and even he was blown away. I mean...amazing right? Granted buying a new piano would have been more cost effective. But this was a gift from Andy's parents so instead of replacing it I though "why not reimagine it?” That's what I thought.

Andy's mom is a big fan. Andy's dad...not so much. But he's such a gentleman that he just smiles and walks away which in all honesty is what every man should do if he were smart like Larry B.

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