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you light up my life and give me hope

You don’t remember this song, do you? Why? Because you are not old, that’s why.

Anyway, You Light Up My Life was written by the young, talented, feather-haired beauty Debby (with a ‘y’) Boone.

I was five years-old when the song was released, and I still remember the words. I’ve been humming this little ditty to myself for the past few weeks because I have new clients (whom shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) who are oddly attached to the the ceiling fans in their newly purchased home. Now, I am not one to judge, but it’s becoming, shall we say, a problem.

I have yet to convince them that they need to lose the ceiling fans. I even gave in on the ceiling fan in the basement, though nobody needs a ceiling fan in the basement in Denver, but….And I am on the brink of agreeing to the ceiling fan in their guest room just to be nice.

Bedroom with tons of potential

But the ceiling fan in their master bedroom? I can’t let it go. This couple have only been married a short time! They just bought their first real house together! They are young, hip, fun. They are way too good looking to spend the next twenty years looking at that heinous ceiling fan. They deserve a gorgeous chandelier. They need to light up their life and give themselves some hope. Agree?

Photo courtesy of Chalet

Of course you agree. This is the bedroom I am rooting for.

Who could argue with this?

Maybe a blind person who is suffering from night sweats, but everyone else would be tres happy (that’s french for very happy).

Or this....

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Or this (ok – not really this because the art and the lamps are not my fave …but the light, people, go towards the light!) :

Notice something? Not one ceiling fan. Not one!

The room has already been painted the glorious Keystone Gray and we are currently in the process of sourcing furniture and bedding, but it just won’t have the same je nais se quoi (that’s french for awesomeness) with a ceiling fan, now will it?

I will keep you posted. Literally. Look for a future post on this master suite – because that will light up my life, and give me hope.

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