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wallpaper in three easy steps!

Wallpaper has become a bit of obsession in the design world and I fully admit my addiction. The reason wallpaper is so popular is because wallpaper is so pretty. And people like to look at pretty things because it’s way more fun than looking at ugly things. This is why Heidi Klum is rich. She’s pretty.

The ugly thing I’ve been looking at is this HEINOUS wall I asked Andy Blackford to paint. It’s supposed be gold. It’s something between the always-sharp-never-used Crayola crayon known as Burt Sienna and Donna Summer’s broken dreams. Fail.

Target has this fantastic peel and stick wallpaper and I knew it was the answer to this sad space. Plus, with such a small amount of square footage, I figured this little project would take less than an hour.

See? Easy!

This paint color is called, no joke, Black Magic by Sherwin Williams. And yes, Andy Blackford painted the wall (also known as the MO#^$%G wall) and then hung some artwork all while wearing that Davey Crocket hat. We don’t know why and we were all too afraid to ask. We aren’t stupid.

We also had – as usual- about 600 random children here eating our food and asking to paint and then whining when we didn’t let them paint and then asking about gum and then whining about that. And as a very special treat a friend of Georgia’s brought over her giant pet lizard who then bit another little girl who, obviously, cried about that. Basically a lot of tears and bandaids and bad words happened this day but we made it. Call it black magic.

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