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tuesday tip: once you go black (well you know the rest) | rachel reinvented

Remember when I said my friend and sort of client Rachel balked when I told her to paint her bedroom ceiling black? Remember how her response was “Are you drunk?” - which I thought was a smidge rude, but we've been friends for like 16 years, so I let it go because that is what old friends who have been drunk a lot of times together do. Plus, I was a teeny tiny bit tipsy on prosecco. But, speaking of drunk - I am drunk now - ON LOVE. Yes! Look at this gorgeous room! Look! Was I right? I was right. You should always listen to your designer friends. I think it's a law in France.

The thing about Rachel is she has stunning taste and she is willing to take a risk and she appreciates a space that is dripping with girly-but-elegant charm. And she doesn't have any human children to suck her dry financially and emotionally, so she gets to spend all of her money on things like manicures and purses and sparkly light fixtures and I get to soak it all in when I spend hours at her house pretending I am single and fancy free.

So - we went for it. We ditched the ceiling fan. We covered the odd off-center small window (yes, you CAN cover a window and pretend it doesn't exist. It will be ok...swear) and the entire back wall with luxe curtains. We made/asked Rachel's parents polish and hang every single one of those crystals on the chandelier. We hired someone to paint the ceiling. And install crown molding. And wallpaper. We cursed the delivery guy who refused to carry the dresser up the stairs. I mean, really? Look up the job description for 'delivery guy' sir. We ordered, accidentally, two mirrors from Ballard Design. We bought (and by 'we' I mean I found it and Rachel paid for it) high-end pieces (like the light fixture on the ceiling and the pure-bred Weimaraner named Rezak aka The Most Happy and Spoiled Dog in the World) and mixed them with lower priced items (like the lamp from Target and the sheets from Land of Nod). And this is what happened: PIC Wallpaper is so tres chic! Rachel fell in love with this pattern and she was not even a little bit drunk! Headboard from Pottery Barn | Sheets from Land of Nod | Shams from West Elm

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