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even tom cruise knows its hip to be square

You're singing that song right, now aren't you? If you are over the age of 40 you FOR SURE couple skated to this tune.

Notice how Huey is wearing squares on his shirt? It's called marketing. It's an art. Just like that hair style.

Anyway Mr. T (as in Tom Cruise) just put his gorgeous home on the market.

What I love about the Telluride House is...well a lot of things. But that doesn't really matter because I only have $58 million in the bank and I hear Tom is a pretty tough negotiator. But - I do love a big coffee table. And apparently so does Tom. See? We are so same same. Square coffee tables offer more space for celebrity friends and ex-wives to gather around for wine, games, food and wine. Oh wait. I said wine. Whatever.

Wow. I have spent a lot of time looking at pictures of Tom and Katie and really this post is all about coffee tables. It is.

What I was trying to say is: rectangle coffee tables are so common. If you want to live like a celebrity and have a bazillion dollar third home and friends like Oprah who laugh when you jump on her Italian leather custom-made buttery couch, then all you have to do is buy yourself one of these beauties!

Even if your space is tiny, your circle of friends is big. Small gathering spaces demand a focal point and a gorgeous square table filled with food and drink and surrounded those you love is the perfect accessory no matter where you live or who you are (or were) married to. It's hip to be square.

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