January 10, 2019

The prettiest little baby rooms you ever did see!

November 13, 2018

Andy and I recently embarked on an investment property endeavor. With four children and two time-consuming careers, we obviously had a lot of extra time on our hands. And a lot of extra money just lying about. Additionally, we thought it would be fun to add loads of stress to our already chaotic lives and the lives of our children and we were gung-ho on testing the strength and depth of both our marriage and our credit line. 

And while many of you have seen in person the first official project of...

One thousand years ago I attended an event featuring Genevieve Gorder. This was when Trading Spaces was in its hey day and I was an avid watcher because I was newly married and newly mortgaged and sans children.  And while I don’t remember much, I specifically remember Gorder saying something like “any colors you find in nature work in design.”  True.

I find inspiration everywhere – nature, magazines, social media, television, movies, happy hour. Nature is my first love. After...

August 28, 2018

Annie and Don are my favorite kind of clients. 

They found themselves in a big, fancy-ish house that didn't feel at all like a home. And they wanted a home, not just a house. And I love those kind of people. 

So they gathered up their three little boys and their very large dog and bought a house in a great neighborhood; the kind of neighborhood where kids ride bikes until dark and people pop in for coffee and the Fourth of July is sacred. That neighborhood.

The house they bought had home potential...

August 14, 2018

I'm still confused about basketball players making a bazillion dollars and teachers making the complete opposite of a bazillion dollars. Have you ever been inside a classroom of five year-olds? I have. It's exhausting. So many little people with big personalities. So many questions and random statements like "Octopuses have three hearts" and "Maya eats crayons."

Franklin Elementary has been our school for eight years - and we have three more to go.  All four of my little people have att...

May 23, 2018

This 1960s house had what most old homes have - great bones, hardwood floors, a huge yard, loads of shade trees and lots of good memories. It also had a tiny kitchen, a choppy layout, really bad lighting and some mauve window treatments.

Yes, mauve.

But Sara and Tyler saw beyond the problems and focused on the solutions. In fact, they had their eye on this property for many months before it finally (FINALLY) went on the market right after they had already purchased their Plan B house. Most co...

April 27, 2018

Amy and Sean bought this house, moved away, moved back and bought this same house again. 


They bought the SAME. EXACT. HOUSE. 

I love them for this because obviously true love doesn't die and when Amy noticed 'her' house was on the market she suggested (insisted) they buy the house (again) and move to Denver (again).

And while some things do stay the same - like Amy and Sean's address - some things change. 

The living room was green, housed some oversized, well-loved furniture and didn't make s...

March 27, 2018

I recently took my (formerly) gorgeous houseplant to my local nursery and the gentleman put his hand on my arm and said softly: "You just loved this little guy to death by overwatering." 

I LOVE to be outside. I love vegetables. I love flowers. I love sunny skies and dirt and being with my children, unplugged, in those perfect days of spring when the sun is still shining at 8PM.  You'd think, with all that love to give, I would have found success in the world of gardening but...

March 12, 2018

This master bathroom started out as a bully - big and bulky and unfriendly. But I knew, deep down, this beast of a bath had some really good qualities. So I plastered on a smile, peeled away the ugly layers and gave this space a chance to shine. Now we are practically BFFs; we sit together at lunch and pass notes about boys and share nail polish. 


Yes, that's carpet. Yes, it's blue. And yes, that thing at the top of the wall is called a border and yes, it's scary. 

Take a look at t...

February 26, 2018

I have 618,834 photos on my phone. Or something. It may be more or less. I'm too afraid to look. And I think there are some in the cloud. Whatever the cloud even means. I am terrified of the cloud. This is an issue for another day. 

I don't scrapbook or keep photo albums. I don't save stuff. Like, ever. I keep telling my children their artwork is tucked away in that special box at the top our closet when in fact the only thing in that box is absolutely nothing. I use it to hide Christma...

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